The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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Exotic Drinks

Set down that familiar beer that's in your hand and mix up something different. Try one of the suggestions below or click here to check off the ingredients you have to work with using 1001 Cocktail's check list, and they'll tell you what you can make.


Caipirinhas: Brazil's National Cocktail


Strawberry and Kiwi Caipirinha:

2 oz Beleza Pura Super Premium Cachaša

1/3 kiwi, peeled and chopped

3 medium strawberries,

1-2 tbsp sugar or simple syrup

Place fruit and sugar in a non-breakable glass and muddle well.

Add Beleza Pura and a rocks glass full of ice, shake well.

Serve in a large rocks, highball glass or strain into martini glass.

Garnish with 1 slice of kiwi and 1 strawberry.

"Think of a Caipirinha as liquid journey; the freshly shaken cocktail begins strong and potent, then refined, harmonious flavors set in as the ice melts, and ends with a sweet finish at the bottom of the glass."


Fruit d'Amour

3 cl (1 oz) rosÚ Pineau

3 cl (1 oz) gin

3 cl (1 oz) litchi juice

3 cl (1 oz) cranberry juice

1 dash limejuice

Mix all ingredients in a shaker.

Serve in a martini glass.

~L'aperitif a la francaise


Photo submitted by Iris Vaseline on June 7, 2006

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