The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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Unique Cultural Traditions

Women on Top
    From Marie Claire, UK
     Added June 25, 2006
These Kenyan women suffered years of rape and violence at the hands of locals — even the British Army are allegedly culpable. Finally, the women upped ship and left town. Now, they see men for sex, hire them for hard labour and enjoy a women-only lifestyle in a village that is a socio-economic miracle.

          The sign leading to the women-only village of Umoja stands on a patch of dust in remote northern Kenya. There is little on the horizon but empty scrub, yet the sign looks like it's in a war zone – it's been battered with stones, gouged with spears and the words 'cultural village' have been blacked out. Margaret Ejejo, 27, rubs her hand over the pockmarked surface and lets out a big, gap-toothed laugh. 'The local men have done this. They are jealous of our success,' she exclaims. 'We're happy and independent, and they don't like it.'
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For more information on the villiage of Umoja, click here for Madre, or here for a Washington Post article. 


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