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The Editor's Lounge
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Nov. 9, 2006


Big news: Joely Black's latest novel is about to grace the pages of the Splash Dabbler, section by section, beginning Nov. 11. Not yet 30-years-old, the writer from Manchester, England, has her Ph.D. and is already the author of 10 books. Most of these are fantasy fiction. Her latest work is called Apartment 13. Be sure to check back every week for the newest updates.


In other big news, I'm moving to London to work for six months in January. I'm looking for a job writing, editing, advertising or marketing. I'm open to suggestions.


Life is busy. Anyone else feeling that right now? Perhaps that's my trying to move to a country 3,000 miles away, graduating, editing for The Leader, coursework, a part-time job, the Dabbler, and... what's that called again? Ahhh, a social life. Right.


On that note, this is short and sweet because work is calling. Welcome, if you're here for the first time. Feel free to submit!





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Date: November 12, 2006
Name: Joely
Comment: You're so busy! I'm so excited that you're coming to London!

Date: May 31, 2006
Name: IrisVaseline
Comment: Hello! *waves* Happy Wednesday!

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