The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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Sept 19: Love...
I found it: 6
It's a nice idea: 2
I can't find it: 3
I believe in it but am still looking: 3
Further thoughts: "Love is a verb"

July 24: What is your dream job?
Johnny Depp's PA ;)

July 15: Fishie Name Poll:
Pi, who is now swimming in circles on the Scrapbook Page.

July 12: Say you ran into George W. Bush at a random Starbucks. What would you do/say?
"George, look at that - it's a three-headed monkey!" *smacks on back of head"

"Hi. How are you? *Throw very hot americano down his front* Ok, bye bye then."

"You look like a monkey."


July 1: Should canibis be legalized?
No: 5
Indifferent: 3

June 17: Who will win the World Cup?

Brazil: 3

England: 4
France: 1

Germany: 1
Ghana: 1
Italy: 2


June 4:  What is your stance on same sex marriage?
     Results: Support: 11     Oppose: 2     Don't Care: 2

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