The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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The Glass Castle Review

Review by Splinteredwalls Continued...

Each new town means adventures for the children: scraps with neighborhood kids, rummaging through school trash cans for food, sleeping under an inflatable raft because the bedroom ceiling leaks just as it rains in the kitchen, etc.


Without a drop of pity, Walls leaks the secrets of her childhood that drove her and her siblings to The Big Apple as teenagers to start a new life. While the children enjoy success, the parents eventually follow but choose to remain homeless on the streets claiming that the city makes it too easy to do so.


Here, Jeannette pursues a career in Journalism, afraid to reveal her childhood to her peers for fear of rejection. The turbulence of her childhood becomes creative inspiration when order finally finds a place in her life.


Short chapters and eye-opening punch lines at the end of each one make this memoir entertaining and impossible to set down.


     Submitted July 2, 2006

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