The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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Superman Returns

Review by Tim Bronx continued...

Brandon Routh does an excellent job as Superman, and manages to bring his own to the role while still mimicking many of the same quirks Christopher Reeve brought to the role of Clark Kent (he even strangely resembles Reeve).  As Clark Kent he stammers, is nervous, and walks with his head bowed down;  as Superman though he is strong and confident as he zips through the air, saving damsels in distress, such as his beloved Lois Lane.  Bosworth's Lois is more mature and earnest then Margot Kidder's, which could be a result of the love of her life's disappearance, and yet it also takes away some of that wonderful zest Lois used to have.  Bosworth and Brandon do have great chemistry though and the screen sizzles during their flight over the city.



Lex Luthor has always been one of my favorite characters and Kevin Spacey does him justice.  You can see how much fun Spacey is having on screen and he is enticing to watch.  Parker Posey also does a wonderful job as Lex's somewhat dimwitted and yet hilarious sidekick, but unfortunately their just isn't enough time for her on screen.


The special effects are of course out of this world, pun intended.  It feels as if you are part of the action and Bryan Singer does an excellent job with the franchise.  I loved that the original theme song was used for this film and the opening titled sequence with those laser-like blue credits felt like deja vu.  This entry is a little bit different though then the feel of the original.  The story is darker then the light hearted and fun original, and although there are some laughs it takes itself very seriously.


Final Thoughts: Although I had my doubts in Routh he manages to pull it off and so does the rest of the cast.  The film did run a bit long for my taste, and yes, I did shuffle in my seats at some moments (I know I say that a lot, one would think I had A.D.D. :)  I think too much was stuffed into one film, and it never generates that necessary momentum one expects from a super hero movie.  Overall though, I was happy Superman returned.


     Submitted July 6, 2006


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