The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest



Review by Tim Bronx continued...


All of the actors do a marvelous job, but of course Johnny Depp is the one that comes out on top.  His loony performance as Captain Jack Sparrow never gets old, and we find ourselves rooting for him during his high points and his low.  Orlando Bloom tries his best as Will, who meets up with his long lost father on Davy Jones' ship, but unfortunately, his scenes are probably the films dullest moments.  Keira Knightly is somewhat out of the picture for most of the film, but when she and Jack Sparrow meet up, the witty remarks fly and the screen sizzles.  Sorry Will, but you’ve got nothing on Jack.


There are not enough adjectives to describe the spectacular special effects.  Davy Jones is a wonder to watch, and you can still somehow see Bill Nighy acting under all those tentacles.  The grotesque sea monster The Kraken, is stunning and looks like something pulled out of our worst nightmares.  And then there are, of course, all of the wonderfully choreographed sword fights, chase scenes, runaway mill wheels and crazy pirates and islanders. 


Final Notes: The movie wasn't perfect.  The middle section sagged a bit, but the filmmakers made up for it with an engaging climax and an action packed last hour.  While there seemed to be too many characters for one film (resulting in less of each character), we still got plenty of Johnny Depp.  Some fans won't like the cliffhanger ending (seeing as the last franchise that did that, Matrix, turned out less-then-stellar, I was a bit wary), but I know I will be back next summer waiting to see how it all resolves.


     Submitted July 11, 2006



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