The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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Travel Tips: Europe

"The music scene thrives at Le Blue Note (14 Rue Muller; 33-1/42-54-69-76), which showcases Brazilian bands every Friday and Saturday."
     ~Tina Isaac (Travel + Leisure, July 2006)

"Soak in thermal baths amid 1920's frescoes, sculptures, and basreliefs at the Terme Berzieri spa (Largo Berzieri, Salsomaggiore Terme; 39-0524/582-611; $205 per person per day, an Art Deco masterpiece."
     ~Valerie Waterhouse (Travel + Leisure, July 2006)

"On the outskirts of El Born, you'll find the newly renovated Santa Caterina market, where locals haggle over jamon serrano. The sparkling mosaic floor, Gaudiesque roof, and stands of skinned poultry make for a surreal shopping experience."
     ~Andrew Ferren (Travel + Leisure, July 2006)

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