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You, Me and Dupree Review

Review by Tim Bronx continued...
What really keeps this film afloat is Owen Wilson.  Slacker Dupree is likeable and Owen Wilson has that foolish charmer role down perfectly (see last summers Wedding Crashers for an even better, and funnier, example), and no matter what he does, he manages to always hold that child-like innocence that's always fun to watch on screen.
All the other actors try hard also.  Kate Hudson is sparkling as usual on screen, and Michael Douglas, well, he's Michael Douglas, going through the role like an old pro who knows he doesn't need the money but is having a fun time anyway.  Matt Dillon got the dullest role and the slowest scenes in the movie were his.  The movie also managed to get a great ensemble of character actors as Dupree and Carl's friends, and one of them particularly provides good laughs but is, unfortunately, underused.
The film doesn’t know what it wants to be though.  Is it a drama about a wife whose husband is never home?  Is it a comedy about a husband who's wives overly protective father (Michael Douglas) keeps pestering him?  Or is it, as it was advertised, a comedy about a man who never grew up?  The truth is that it's a little bit of all three. 
Final Thoughts:  Like his Wedding Crasher partner's latest film (The Break-Up), Owen Wilson's newest film isn't near as funny as one would expect.  It actually is sentimental, providing good chuckle moments mixed in with marital woes.  The film isn’t fresh, unique or incredible hilarious.  It is a by the book, awkward situations comedy that was made to entertain and let audience members have a good time, plain and simple.
     Submitted July 21, 2006

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