The Splash Dabbler: An Inky Splatter

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Submission Guidelines


Send all submissions to


In the email, answer the following questions:


      (These three for sure)


1.)    What is your byline? (i.e. your real name or a pseudonym).


2.)    Do you want your byline set up as a link to another site? If so, be sure to include the URL.


3.)    Send a 1-3 sentence blurb about yourself or your work for the contributor’s page. Include the country you are from for the front page.



(And these if they apply)


4.)    If your work has been published elsewhere, be sure to include that information.


5.)    When submitting pictures, include a short description or explanation and include the name of the section in which your work should be included. (i.e. art photography, travel photos, an illustration for a short story, poem or article.)


6.) When submitting an article, be sure to include the intended audience, if it has been published elsewhere, and a story slug (one sentence explaining the content of the article.)


7.) Whatever you submit, if it has a title, don't forget it!


8.) If you have misspelled words on purpose or didn't use caps on purpose, leave a note with your submission so it is not changed during editing.


9.) Pictures, tattoos, CD covers, drawings, band logos, etc. should be sent as attachments in the following format:.gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .zip. 


As editor, I reserve the right to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. ~Splinteredwalls


***Always looking for someone to take photos or illustrate for any short stories, poems or articles in The Splash Dabbler!


"Proofread carefully to see if you any words out." 
~Author Unknown


If I catch you, your "work" will be deleted.

***Send submissions and suggestions to Please read the submission guidelines first.