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Mad About It

Splash Dabbler Columnist

NOTE: The lovely Jez just moved to England and is on temporary leave from column writing... stay tuned... :)

Girls Gone Wild, or Weak and Stupid?

September 16, 2006


Young ladies under the age of 18 beware: Bill O’Reilly thinks you’re weak and stupid, (okay, who cares?). Well, I sure do.


Earlier this week, the creators of Girls Gone Wild pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of children. Under federal law, things like child pornography, (and isn’t it funny that it’s still out there) are prohibited, and those who are caught with it, or create it, can get into some serious trouble. 


For those of you unaware of what child pornography really is, read on, folks, read on. Child pornography depicts sexual activities involving actual children under a specified age. Some countries go further and prohibit all depictions of nudity of minors, whether or not the minor is depicted in an erotic pose or as engaging in a sex act.” 


In the case of Girls Gone Wild, participants that have flashed parts of their anatomy on film, and/or have engaged in sexual acts with other females on film are now known to have been under the “legal” age of 18. 


News pundit commentary shows such as The O’Reilly Factor, of course, picked up the story and added spin, you know, self-righteous opinions made in an attempt to suck viewers into the vortex of advertisements and ratings.


However, my gripe isn’t with these “Lolitas” who free their minds and speech with liquor, and then move in to free their bodies from their clothing. The poor decision to engage in such acts will always result in shameful consequences, whether it befall these females in the form of seeing themselves on screen at a party, or being caught and punished by their parents.


Instead, my gripe is with the harsh and generalized opinions public figures make on the subject, especially one known for lewd phone calls to a work colleague involving sexy showers and loofas.


Just because these girls have acted out in a way that will inevitably embarrass them later, does not make them along with all girls their age “weak and stupid.” Every young adult, female and male alike will make and act on a decision they will look on later in life as that “dumb something I did.” 


The generalization of young ladies as “weak and stupid,” is weak, and personally, speaks to the insensitivity a professional shouldn’t possess in such a public forum. Yes, exploit the “exploiters,” and make updates available as needed to keep the public informed that predators like this exist. 


But, don’t bring on the first two guests ready and willing to discuss their views and sit as moderator throwing unnecessary labels at females who, for all intense purposes, made the decision, lucid or not, to engage in sexual acts for entertainment.  Most importantly, never be so quick to throw stones when your glass house has seen its share of visitor stone throwers, need I remind, co-worker, shower and loofa.



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